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36 China Town HINDI MOVIE With Torrent




The film was directed by Mahesh Bhatt. It was a hit at the box office, despite being a brainless, very poor script and low-budget movie. It was made under the banner of Badmash Producing Company. Synopsis A murder takes place in China Town, Mumbai. After the murder, most of the residents of the colony, including an MLA, are having trouble with the police. The policeman who found the body is getting pressure from his local government and also doesn't want to file a case as the murder is mysterious. He asks for one person to solve the case for him, and his buddy recommends Vipul Bhatia, who does everything anonymously. Vipul goes to solve the mystery, and the rest of the movie is taken up by Vipul, trying to find out who the culprit is. Plot The title of the movie was The Mind is Criminal, but when the director saw the dialogue of a political character "Which kind of a crime is being committed?" He changed it to A Murder! India A girl is murdered in a Chinese restaurant named China Town in India. A small-time cop, Anil Mahapatra, is investigating the case but he does not find out anything substantial. After the murder, Anil receives pressure from his local politician to stop the case and not to file it. Anil takes Vipul as his partner and asks him to investigate the case. Vipul and his girlfriend, a journalist, go to China Town and try to find out the truth behind the murder. However, they have to fight with the local people and not only that, they also face police harassment and the racist attitude of Anil Mahapatra. The story is about Vipul, an Indian Police Officer, who is sent to investigate the murder of a young Chinese girl that took place in Mumbai. Although he has been sent as part of a deal with the local government to keep the case closed and to not file charges against those responsible, Vipul is determined to get to the bottom of this mystery. The story begins with Vipul listening to a radio interview, when he gets a phone call telling him that he needs to go to China Town. There he meets with Anil Mahapatra, a cop he doesn't trust, and Ravi Nandwani, a person who knows all the locals in the area. The two men head to the restaurant, and after V




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36 China Town HINDI MOVIE With Torrent

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